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Ọba Ńlá 2023

                                                                 Welcome to Ọba Ńlá 2023 - 15th Year anniversary concert 

Ọba Ńlá Concert live experience with Adeniyi Allen-Taylor and his Afro-beat Orchestra, is an annual Afro Gospel music concert that showcases gospel music in an African setting. The Concert started in 2009 and this year marks its 15th year anniversary. Oba Nla Concert has been able to provide a platform whereby music lovers can enjoy the staccato rhythms, horns improvisations and melody of an Afrobeat Orchestra, in a wonderful atmosphere. Oba Nla Concert also features Gospel Artists and Choirs from Ireland and overseas. You will be able to stream Ọba Ńlá Concert 2023 live from the comfort of your home with your friends and family.


This year’s concert will be performed and streamed from the state of the art TLT Concert Hall, Matthews lane, Drogheda Co-Louth

Date: Saturday 28th of October, 2023

Time: 5pm-8pm  doors open at 4.30pm

In Person Ticket:

Live streaming Tickets:


Oba Nla 2023 Poster
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